Superbox Radio Sweep EVP Recordings

EVPs recorded using a modified RCA Super Radio...


These EVPs were recorded using Dave's Superbox

Not so crystal

Debbie  "Hello"

Spirit     "Hello Debra'

Debbie   "Should I make this lower?"

Spirit      "We learn to talk"

Spirit      "So Deb"

Debbie    "Can you hear me?"

Spirit      "Not so crystal"

Debbie    "Okay - We'll try again later - Goodbye"

Spirit       "We'll be here"


we have confirmation

Spirit   "We think we bridged her"

Spirit    "Yeah - Unless she's dead" 

Debbie   "What can I do to help you?"

Spirit      "She wants to help us"

Spirit     "We have confirmation"


i hear you real clear

"I hear you real clear"


just debbie

Debbie  "Hello"

Spirit   "Hi Debbie"

Spirit   "Just Debbie"


Earthling - we're just geeks

Spirit   "Debbie - Tesla"

Debbie   "Tell me your name?"

Spirit     "Earthling - We're just geeks"

Debbie   "Do you have a message for Dave?"

Spirit      "It's just incredible"

Spirit      "Thanks"

Debbie   "Thank you - I'll talk to you later"


We don't leave the message unless you help

"We don't leave the message unless you help"


Debbie - we're all pretty dead

"'Debbie - We're all pretty dead"


home of god

Spirit   "She'll get Jessica"

Spirit   "Eric can help her"

Spirit   "I will give lots to Jeff"

Spirit   "Talk to Mrs. Splitz?

Spirit   "I'm fine Debbie"

Debbie  "Who's here? ... Tell me names"

Spirit    "Can I speak with John?"

Spirit    "Hi Ma - Bobby"

Spirit    "Let us help"

Debbie   "Where are you?  Where are you speaking from?"

Spirit     "Home of God"


spirit - Angels - God here

Debbie   "Who's here with me?"

Spirit      "Denise"

Spirit      "Her for certain"

Spirit      "Jim Wolf - Frank"

Spirit     "Looking at the first people to give to Deb"

Debbie    "Who are you working with?"

Spirit       "Spirits - Angels - God here"

Debbie    "Thank you - Goodbye"

Spirit        "Bye"

Spirit         "Bye"


Tested Manual Sweep and Automated Sweep (SuperBox) to speak try to each other

Clear - Fantastic

Debbie   "Can you hear me?

Spirit  "It's your friends - Hello"

Debbie   "Okay - I'm gonna try Dave's Box now .. Here we go"

Spirit   "Want to Deb - It works"

Debbie   "Can both boxes communicate?

Spirit   "Now .. Can you hear me?"

Spirit   "Now I can - I trust you"

Debbie   "Is this working?"

Spirit   "Clear - Fantastic"

Debbie  "Okay - I'm going to listen back - Talk to you soon - Bye".