EVP - Famous People

Famous people who stopped by from the Other Side to say hello to Debra...

Debbie - Tell everyone - It's Elvis presley

"Debbie - Tell everyone - It's Elvis Presley"


Debbie - I'm Anna Nicole


"Debbie I'm Anna Nicole"


I'm trying - This is thomas edison

Debbie  "Talk really loud"

Spirit "I'm trying - This is Thomas Edison"


(I was asking for Thomas Edison)

Steve Irwin - Tell The Public

"Steve Irwin - Tell the public"


 Steve Irwin was one of three people I was hoping to speak to that evening

Lizzie A. Borden

"Lizzie A. Borden"

Liberaci - You can't here me here.

Debbie  "Liberace - If you're here... Tell me.. Give me a sign that you're here"

Spirit  "Hi"

Debbie  "Talk loud into my recorder - Liberaci - We want to hear you"

Spirit   "You can't hear me here"

(Recorded in Liberace's bedroom in Las Vegas)