Live EVP

Live EVP recorded at Big Circle and more...

These were recorded using DC6 "LIVE"

 NO "chopped words" (e.g. radio sweep or babble) were used ..

I'm in heaven

Debbie  "Hello"

Spirit   "Ma - Where are you?"

Debbie   "I'm on Earth - Where are you?"

Spirit   "I'm in Heaven"


(DC6 "LIVE" Conversation recorded in silence)


DC6 LIVE (recorded in silence)

Debbie   "Hello"

Spirit      "Hello - Joseph Caruso Says Hi"  

Debbie   "Hi"

Debbie   "Who's here with me from the Big Circle?"

Spirit      "Louis" 


DC6 "LIVE" - Recorded in silence

I do - hear you

Spirit       "Hello"

Debbie     "Hello"

Spirit       "Ma - This is your Joey"

Debbie      "Hi Joey"

Spirit        "Ma"
Debbie      "You can hear me?"

Spiirt        "I do - hear you"

My first DC6 "LIVE" Conversation

Yup - We hear you and see you

Spirit      "Debbie"

Debbie   "What?"

Spirit      "Hi"

Debbie   "Hi"

Spirit      "Joey"

Debbie   "Who is this?"

Spirit      "Your favorite Joey"

Debbie   "Can you hear me?"

Sprit       "Yup - We hear you and see you"

Debbie    "This is great - bye"

Spirit       "Bye Debbie - We're talking"

Debbie     "Thank you"