Not Live Radio Sweep

EVPs heard during a EVP radio sweep session...

Our side exists

Conversation using DC6 (not live) and the "Radio Sweep" method

Radio   K5 straightway 4368 10

Debbie   "We're going to try to answer some questions - What is my name?"

Spirit  "We try to speak from Heaven - It works - I hear you Debbie"

Debbie   "What is your name?"

Spirit   "Peter - Debbie's believer"

Debbie    "Where are you speaking from? - Where are you?"

Spirit   "Heaven - So Deb - Have faith"

Debbie   "Who are you with? - Tell me names"

Spirit   "Baby Sue and Kim"

Spirit   "We hear you"

Spirit  "We hear you   (sounds like me but I didn't say that)

Debbie    "Bye"

Spirit   "Keep listening Debbie - Get confirmation - Speak - Our side exists"

Shut Radio


Deb - you're welcome

Debbie     "Hi Troy

Spirit        "Debbie

Debbie     "Troy - It's Debbie - We can hear you and talk loud"

Spirit        "Yes we know - Hey Deb - Hello"

Debbie     "Troy - Do you know my name?"

Spirit         "Debbie"

Debbie      "Thank you Troy"

Spirit         "Deb - You're welcome"


they call our friend debbie

Debbie   "Who's here"

Spirit    "Debbie - All of us"

Debbie   "Are you able to hear me?"

Spirit    "Look fellows - We have a signal"

Spirit    "They call our friend Debbie"


let us know debbie

Spirit        "Debbie"

Debbie    "Good Morning"

Spirit        "You left us Debbie"

Debbie     "Good morning"

Spirit        "Good morning"

Debbie     "Tell me your name"

Spirit         " ?? "

Debie         "Tell me my name"

Spirit        "Debbie - Hey Debbie - You were supposed to help Elvis"

Debbie     "Thank you"

Spirit        "You're Welcome - Thank you Debbie - Let us know Debbie"