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March 2021


I ran some much needed fixes to the site and am interested in how people are using the site so we will post some updates soon about traffic to listen to the EVPs.


Additionally, I mark the passing some years ago of Cathie Bradshaw who is on the "TONY BRADSHAW" page on the left menu. Her voice was a constant on BlogTalkRadio and she knew Debbie Caruso very well and was a dear friend of mine who passed unexpectedly and she is very much missed.


We will be featuring Debbie Caruso's EVPs and other EVP captures including many of my own on my radio show on Twitch in March of 2021. See below for more information.


Jon investigating the unknown

Jon investigating the Unknown


I am going to be featuring some of Debbie's and other people's EVP captures including some of my own on my radio show "SoulStream" whjich is hosted on Twitch on Saturday's at 9 to 11 PM Pacific / 12 - 2 AM Eastern.