About Debra Caruso and 1800Heaven.org

About Debra Caruso and the 1800Heaven.org site

Debra Ann Caruso - b. 5/31/1959 - d. 1/22/2010

Debra was a jeweler from Staten Island New York who owned her own business. She became interested in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) after the death of her son Joey in a terrible car crash while vacationing in Mexico in 2004.

Her work took off in popularity and she made many media appearances on the "The Maury Show", "MonsterQuest", "The History Channel" and countless other radio and personal appearances to promote awareness of EVP and Life After Death. Debbie was a member of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP)" which is now called "ATransC" or "Association Transcommunication" and helped many people to contact their loved ones after they passed.

On January 22, 2010, Debbie passed away from complications from cancer that had been undetected until she suddenly became ill earlier that month. She is survived by a daughter, Alexa Caruso; her parents, Anthony and Sandra Suarato; two brothers, Anthony Jr. and Joseph Suarato, and her companion, Dennis Carollo.

But that does not end her story... Not by a long-shot. For someone like Debbie, passing on was simply a change of address and she has come through for a number of EVP researchers here on this side of the veil. To refer to a person in the past-tense was something that was never in her mind-set and one must remember that Debbie is still "Debbie" - Not a past-tense person, but a living being working on the Other Side now to communicate with those of us on this side of the veil to show us that there is a real Afterlife and not an ending of a person when their physical body dies. In the near future, we will publish some of these EVPs on the site and share her continuing work with you.

The 1800Heaven Site, ListenToThisForMe and THEM

This site was originally posted by Debra Caruso on the 1800Heaven.com site and after Debra's passing in January of 2010, her sites eventually went off-the-air after no one stepped in to maintain them and her domains eventually expired. In fact, we later tried to buy the 1800heaven.com domain but it had been scooped up by an Asian company and we opted to acquire the 1800heaven.org domain as well as acquiring the listentothisforme.com and thehauntingevidence.com domains that had been abandoned.

We made the original choice to recover her three sites in 2012 (which were available in pieces and scattered to the winds of chaos) in order to preserve her legacy for the EVP community and people interested in her work. The recovered sites have been up since roughly 2012 in their original form (or as close as we could match). In that time much of the original technology has changed and a lot of the content and links to videos external to the site were no longer working and the overall technical manageability of the code required a re-think of the entire 1800Heaven site. Much of the content had expired, scripts were no longer working correctly and we had an incomplete version of the site to work with at best and although it was a good first effort to recover and get the sites working, they were very hard to manage and keep current with what we had to work from.

So, we came to the decision to completely rebuild the 1800heaven site in a not so light manner. In fact we resisted as long as we could! After all... How do you preserve the intent of someone who poured their very life into a site like this and left the work suddenly when called to go home? Approaching this task is one best done with a reverence for the original author's intent and spirit. So we got to know the site and really learned everything we could from the material and stories from people who knew Debra so we could do this right.

For now, we've adjusted this site only. The "Listentothisforme.com" site remains in close to it's original form as well as "The Haunting Evidence Messengers (THEM)" site. We may have to adjust them in the future, but they are in a much better form that the 1800Heaven original site was and can stay "as-is" for now.

With HTML5 standards taking over and the emergence of social media in a much more advanced form than existed in 2010 when Debra left the site behind for her transition it was decided to keep much of the look and feel and to completely rebuild the site from the ground-up. To this end, we feel we've succeeded. And we stripped out over half of the unneeded and in some cases, non functioning code and scripts to lean-up the site while keeping close to the spirit of the original with a few modern twists added.

The pages kept the look and feel of the original, but with a spruced up CSS style sheet to bring the site into the modern era while keeping the static pages just as Debra had envisioned. We updated all of the media player code to use the new HTML5 standard player and YouTube videos to use modern linking standards. And we placed social media links at the top and bottom of the pages to share on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter so people can share Debra's EVPs with the world in a much easier fashion. We feel we struck the right balance of new technology and old formatting that make the site recognizable as "Debra's site".

The other important fact is that the site is now maintainable! We can extend it, make updates and easily control it whereas the old code was very hard to maintain and alter. We're proud of the new version and as the caretakers of her original EVPs, we are glad to give her something to smile about on the Other Side.

A note from the site curator/caretaker

As to why I have done all of this work for someone I never met, I can only say that Debra made a great impression on me at a time when my own father was dying and getting ready to transition. Debra had one single email to me on the CJEVP forums site in 2009 and advised me on an aspect of recording and for that I was grateful for her help.

I inquired to many people about who was running the sites after Debra passed on and no one knew. And after the sites went off-the-air, I remembered a wise man who once said "80% of Life is Showing Up" - And so... I showed up. I made the leap to rebuild the sites and have maintained them ever since.

Jon's Dad - Al AlmadaMy Dad (see his picture to the left) has now made his journey to the Other Side (and he's no skeptic now!) as of early 2012 and I took a break from all of this only to be drawn back to the work in 2017 after many very direct prods from Spirit to do the work again.

Web sites die if not maintained and Debra's work it seems will not wait and it continues to evolve even with her in Heaven with Joey. The Other Side was very keen to make it clear they wanted me to continue my work and also keep these sites relevant and fresh. So... This site was rebuilt with that in mind. -- The work goes on and the Other Side wants to let us all know they are with us... always...


I also felt is was SO important to keep not only Debra Caruso's work front and center, but the stories of all of these people whose lives she touched like Lenny Ingrassia, Joe Stella, Jenny and Brandon, Mason and all the others. The families who were reassured by their loved ones coming through from the Other Side deserve that. Someone had to step in to make sure these stories endured. And I know we did the right thing.


I'm examining the next steps. We are back to doing regular recordings and I plan to open up to do telephone bridges to the Other Side for people who request us to get into contact with their loved ones in early 2018 if not sooner once we're back on our feet. When we do that, we'll post here and on my web sites about how to contact us.

I hope you like the results of all of this hard work and also ask if you are aware of any Debra Caruso content like writings, videos, audio or information that isn't here on this site to please point us to it or share it with us so we can continue to share her legacy.



God Bless,