EVP - Joe Stella

Joe Stella's Story

I never believed in fairy tales and dreams that really do come true until I met my fiance, Joey Stella. Joey and I had been single for many, many years after our divorces. We both held out to find that right person that would blend into our lives. Joey and I had everything in common: both [of us] Italian from the Northeast, and both of us with the same desires for this stage of our lives. Joe had everything that was really important: a kind heart, a welcoming smile, respect, a love of family---especially my 3 sons, although they are grown men, as Joey never had children.

We planned a large celebration wedding. Our honeymoon was a cruise. Joe had never been on a cruise in his 59 years! He picked the cruise and all the ports that he wanted to see. Joey was happy, excited and had everything to live for, including preparing to be a grandpa! He would walk around the house rocking an imaginary baby in his arms and say "I'm gonna be a grandpa!". My youngest son, his wife, and an expected baby girl were very much a part of Joey's life. So we had a beautiful wedding to look forward to, [as well as] our first grandchild.

Joey passed away suddenly on May 19, 2006. That is the day that my world ended. I've canceled all of our wedding plans, but on November 11th at 5:30 p.m. under the stars at the Portofino Bay Resort at Universal Studios, Orlando, I will be with my Joey and marry him in my heart. I waited so long for him to come into my life, and he for me, that our wedding day will be my tribute to him and all the good that Joe was.

He picked our wedding song, the oldies song "Life Is But a Dream" by the Harptones. I play it for him everyday. My life with Joey was a dream, and then it was taken away.

To my Joey Stella:

"Will you take part in my life, my love, that is my dream. Life is but a dream and we can live it. We can make our love none to compare with. Will you take part in my life, my love that is my dream?"

Joe Stella on "The Maury Show"

Note: References to "Debbie" in these EVPs are for his fiance' and not Debra Caruso

Debbie Debbie my love

"Debbie Debbie My Love"


Hello deb - my debbie

Debbie   "Hey Joe Stella - I heard you scream out your name - Do you have something else to say to Debbie"

Spirit     "Hello Deb - My Debbie"

Debbie  "Thanks"

Evp only


Debbie - you're welcome

        Debbie   "Thank you Joe"

        Spirit   "Debbie - You're Welcome"


It's Trooper Honey

Debbie  "Tell me your dog's name - Hold on here's Deb

Debbie S   "Hi Joey - Tell Debbie your dog's name"

Spirit    "It's Trooper Honey"


Joe Stella

"Joe Stella"


Bella Re Sheppard

Debbie   "The baby's coming - Can you tell us what the baby's name is?"

Spirit "Bella Re Sheppard"

Evp only


(The baby's name is Bella Marie Sheppard)

I see bella

"I see Bella"


Six pounds - Eight ounces

Debbie   "Hey Joe Stella - Can you tell me the weight of Bella Marie?"

Spirit    "Six pounds - Eight Ounces"

Debbie   "Thank you"



Joe's Favorite Music