Live Radio Sweep 2

EVPs heard during a radio sweep session - Amazing results happen with this technique...

Where is erland babcock?

Debbie   "Hello"

Spirit     "Debbie"

Spirit     "Debbie"

Debbie   "Hi"

Spirit       "Debbie"

Debbie    "Where is Erland Babcock?"

Spirit      "Heaven"

Debbie    "Where is my Goomie?"

Spirit      "In Heaven"


Do you all copy?

Debbie   "Hello"

Spirit      "It's the people"

Debbie   "It's people - Tell me my name"

Spirit      "Your name is Debbie"

Spirit      "Do you all copy?"


Debbie - Stay

Debbie   "Hello"

Spirit      "Greetings to Debbie - Debbie's talking"

Debbie    "I'm talking"

Debbie    "Who's here with me from the Big Circle?"

Spirit       "All of us"

Spirit       "Big Circle - Big Circle is talking"

Debbie     "Thank you"

Spirit        "Debbie - Stay"

Debbie     "I'll be back"


keep open for debbie

Debbie  "Hey .. Here we go"

Spirit     "That's Debbie"

Debbie   "Hello"

Spirit     "Debbie"

Debbie  "Yes - Hi!"

Debbie   "Are you ready to experiment?"

Spirit     "Gate Keeper - It doesn't matter"

Spirit     "Keep open for Debbie"


"So Debbie - What's on the door step this morning?"

Debbie   "Who am I speaking to?"

Spirit      "David"

Debbie   "David?"

Spirit      "So Debbie - What's on the door step this morning?" 

Debbie   "Do you know who I am?"

Spirit      "We love you - Debra"

Debbie   "I am Debbie - Who are you?"

Spirit      "David from Test lab" 

Debbie   "Thank you"

Spirit      "Peter - rewake the bitch - keep her happy"


"It's a new miracle"

Debbie   "Who are you?"

Spirit   "Peter"

Debbie   "Peter - Do you have my signal?"

Spirit   "He got the signal"

Debbie   "What?"

Spirit   "It works"

Debbie   "Thank you"

Spirit   "Thank you - Good luck"

Shut Radio

Evp   "It's a new miracle"


"Tell Debbie - I love Alexa"

Spirit    "Debbie"

Debbie  "I hear you"  

Spirit     "We hear her"

Debbie  "I hear you"

Spirit     "Debbie - Back up please"

Debbie   "Back up?"

Spirit      "A little bit"

Spirit     "Tell Debbie - I love Alexa"