Live Radio Sweep 1

EVPs heard during a radio sweep session - Amazing results happen with this technique...

DC6 "LIVE" recording software allows you to hear what you're recording 1/4 second later which makes it possible to answer spirits as you're speaking ....

It's Debbie?

Debbie   "Hello"

Spirit      "Hello"

Debbie    "Hi - talk to me!"

Spirit       "Glad to meet you - Hello - It's Peter"

Debbie     "Hello Peter"

Spirit        "It's Debbie?"


It's coming in - we hear her

Debbie   "I'm here - Can anyone hear me?"

Spirit??   "We still have her - Peter - Need your help"

Debbie   "Hello"

Spirit??   "Who's that?"

Debbie   "It's me - Debbie - Hello"

Spirit??   "That's Fabulous"

Debbie   "Can you hear me?

Spirit??   "It's coming in - We hear her"

Debbie   "Oh good - I hear you too!  Do you know my Son"

Spirit??   "He says that we're to seek all your help"

Debbie  "Thank you - Good Bye"


please get comfortable

Debbie  "Hello"

Spirit     "We hear her?"

Debbie  "Can you hear me?"

Spirit     "Ready - Get set - We are ready"

Debbie   "Are you ready?"

Spirit     "Yes Debbie"

Spirit     "We missed her"

Debbie   "You missed me?"

Spirit      "Get Joseph"

Debbie    "Are you ready to work with me?"

Spirit       "Please help - Yes"

Debbie    "What do you want me to do?"

Spirit       "Debbie - Please get comfortable"


DC6 "LIVE" Conversation using "Radio Sweep" method

We love you

Debbie   "Hey"

Spirit      "Debbie"

Debbie   "Can you hear me?"  

Spirit      "You're working for five days"

Spirit    "This is Jeffrey from Vortex"

Spirit      "Ma - wanna know - you wanna work"

Spirit   "We love you"

Debbie   "Hello - Testing"

Spirit      "Debbie"

Spirit      "Debbie - Debbie - Come here" 

Spirit   "Ask her a question"

Debbie    "Yes - Hi"

Spirit       "We love you"


DC6 "LIVE" Conversation using "Radio Sweep" method

testing - she ends

Debbie   "Is anyone here from Tesla?"

Spirit      "There's a bunch of us"

Debbie   "Where are you located?"

Spirit      "Texas and Connecticut"

Spirit    "We hear people that are living"

Debbie    "Bye bye"

Spirit       "Testing - she ends"    


DC6 "LIVE" Conversation using the "Radio Sweep" method

the gatekeeper

Debbie   "Hello"

Spirit      "You're back?"

Spirit      "Go get Peter"

Debbie   "I'm back"

Spirit      "Keep our thoughts with Deb"

Spirit      "Do you copy?"

Debbie   "Who's here from the Big Circle?"

Spirit      "Hi Mom"

Spirit      "Patrick"

Spirit      "The Gatekeeper"


DC6 "LIVE" Conversation using "Radio Sweep" method

press nothing

Debbie   "Can you hear me?"

Spirit       "We hear you"

Debbie     "Talk to me"

Spirit        "You must be Debbie"

Debbie     "It's me .. Debbie .. You're right!"

Spirit       "Too bad we can't connect"

Debbie      "Do we have a bad connection?"

Spirit        "Bad connection - press ....

Spirit        "This is your last request"

Debbie      "Okay .. bye"

Spirit         "Press nothing"


DC6 "LIVE" Conversation using "Radio Sweep" method

welcome - you're welcome debbie

Spirit  "Back up - I think it is clear"

Debbie   "Do you have my signal?"

Spirit   "Yeah - Good Question"

Debbie   "What?"

Spirit  "It's perfect"

Spirit  "It's perfect - Yea Deb"

Spirit   Help her - Help the people"

Debbie   "Thank you"

Spirit   "Welcome - You're welcome Debbie"


DC6 LIVE and Radio Sweep

Debbie - Joey's around you

Debbie   "Can you hear me?"

Spirit      "We hear you"

Debbie    "What's my name?"

Spirit       "Debbie - Joey's around you"