EVP - Lenny Ingrassia

Lenny Ingrassia's EVPs that proved to his loved ones he is A-Ok on the Other Side...


My Shining Star

Lenny Ingrassia III was killed on April 4, 2004.

Following a chain of events that evening, the car that my son Lenny was a passenger in a car that crashed, and he died instantly.

Six weeks before his accident, his friend and schoolmate, Joseph Caruso, was also killed in a horrific car crash, while vacationing with his family. Lenny took this extremely hard, and was very confused about his death.

Lenny went to Joey's wake and funeral, only to mention to me what Joey was wearing and the kind of coffin Joey had. I thought it was odd then that a sixteen-year-old boy would mention that sort of stuff, but never had a clue what was in store for his family.

It was around three weeks after Joey had passed that Lenny told me of a dream he had of Joey. The dream showed Lenny at a party with a group of friends. Lenny turned around and saw Joey sitting on the stairs. Lenny mentioned to everyone that Joey was there, but no one else could see him. Lenny had the same dream three nights in a row. Was this Joey calling for Lenny?

Three weeks after these consecutive dreams, my son was taken away from me. [It's] needless to say how distraught and confused my husband and I were, not to mention angry.

Since the passing of the two boys, Joey's mother Debbie and I have become extremely close. Though we had never met before, we connected immediately, as if we had known each other for years. I believe with all my heart that it was Lenny and Joey that brought us together, and that Joey was calling Lenny through his dreams to let him know that it would be okay, and that Lenny wouldn't be alone.

There is another world out there. We just have to listen for the messages. 

With all my love to my special son and angel...

I love you Lenny,

Hello Ma

Debbie   "Lenny - Lenny listen - Just talk really loud so you're Mom can hear you - Say hello"

Spirit   "Hello Ma"


Evp only  "Hello Ma"


Lenny's Spirit profile cropped from image below and put with his picture for comparison


Itc Picture was photographed by Evp/Itc Resesarchers Kathleen and Mark Griffith

You can see Lenny's face turned sideways and Joey to the right of the picture. 

Lisa Butler (Director of the AA-EVP) asked Joey & Lenny if it was them in the picture and received the Evp below..

Heaven can see from here

"Heaven see from here"

Recorded by Lisa Butler (AA-EVP Director)





Hi Mom

"This is Lenny"


Debbie   "Hi Lenny - I'm trying out this new method and we want to talk to you"

Louise  "Hi Lenny - It's Mom - Can you hear me?  It's your birthday soon"

Spirit   "Yea"

Louise   "In a couple of days - Can you let me know if you know that?

 Spirit   "Hi Mom" 

Yea - Hi Mom


(full recording) - Yea - Hi Mom


Evp    "Hi Mom"  only

The good die young

The Good Die Young

A song written and sung by Joey's friends for

Lenny Ingrassia,  Joe Mazzella, Robbie Breen, Joe Caruso