EVP - Tony Bradshaw

Tony Bradshaw in a telephone link with his wife Cathie

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Debbie    "Tell me your name"

Spirit   "Tony"


My love boat - i love you - mmmwwwaaa

Cathie    "It's okay - You can tell Debbie what the two little pet names were you used to give me all the time"

Spirit "My Love Boat - I love you - mmmwwwaaa" 

(love the smootchie kiss)

Evp only


I'm thirty

"Hey Baby - Tony - How old are you in Heaven?

Spirit "I'm thirty"

Evp only


I do

(Phone Conference Call using DC6 LIVE)

Debbie   "Here's Cathie"

Spirit   "I hear you"

Cathie   "Hi Baby"

Spirit   "Mwaaa"

Cathie   "Do you miss me as much as I miss you?"

Spirit   "I do"