EVP - Loved Ones

Loved ones coming through for their relatives on this side of the Veil...


"Hi Deb - I'm doing real good - I'm with my Mother"


Bonnie's Mom .. Mary

Bonnie   "Hi Mom - I love you"

Spirit   "I love you too"

Evp only


Paula - I love you very much - Goodbye?

Lillian and Paul (Paula's parents)

Paula  "We love you both very much"

Spirit   "I love you very much - Goodbye?"

(Recorded via telephone -England/New York)

Hi Big Joey

Debbie   "Um Big Joe's on the phone - He's gonna say hi to you - okay - hold on"

Spirit  "Hi Big Joey"

Debbie   "Joe - you talking?"

My Bro Joe   "Joe - I love you - I miss you"


Jessica about recording with Joey